All kinds of new tea reservations are being handed over! ! Delivery deadline May 31st

We are currently having a lot of fun with the limited fresh tea handing over and the sale of store fresh tea!

We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience for our customers.
This year's new tea was also able to produce a new tea with a strong flavor that is unique to our company! Please try it! !
Well, it's a limited fresh tea that was booked in March, but we're giving you all kinds.
The deadline for delivery is May 31st, so please do not forget to visit us.
(Please note that there are customers who think that they will be handed over from May 31st.)
In addition, special event sales at "AEON Honmoku" are held every two to three months.
It has been decided that it will be held from Tuesday, June 26th to Saturday, June 30th, 2018! !
We have received many calls from customers who are waiting very much.
If it's green tea, you can also send it by mail (216 yen), so please take advantage of it! !
Telephone order counter: 0120-05-6661