Popular new tea reservation! How about including a teapot this year?

Hello! (^_^)

It's finally getting warmer♪ Spring is just around the corner!

The main event of the tea shop! The new tea season is approaching♪

I can't wait for the new tea in May, but we are now accepting reservations for the new tea at our store! !

And as an attempt this year, only for those who have made a reservation for fresh tea

You can purchase it with a "teapot 20% discount" ! ! !

How about a delicious tea with a new teapot at this great opportunity?

Even if you always use tea bags, why not try brewing tea in a teapot once in a while?

With a new teapot and fresh tea, I'm sure you'll be able to drink tea more deliciously and happily than usual.

We have a variety of teapots in the store!

It's also fun to choose while hesitating ♪

If in doubt, ask the staff! I will help you find a nice teapot while getting lost together (^^)

We are looking forward to your visit! ! !