moon viewing sum

It's the season where you can feel the warmth of warm tea comfortably.

It's the season of beautiful moon viewing.

This year, the 22nd of September falls on the 15th night of the full moon.

The moon is said to be the most beautiful of the year, and is also known as the "Mid-Autumn Moon".

In a place where you can see the moon, you can express your gratitude for the harvest this year

12 to 15 round tsukimi dumplings are made to resemble the full moon and are offered along with harvested fruits and vegetables.

It is also called ``potato harvest moon'' because taro is offered as an offering.

Even in the world of tea ceremony, you can admire the moon while enjoying delicious tea and sweets.

It seems that "moon viewing tea party" is held in various places.

While looking up at the perfectly round moon shining beautifully in the autumn night sky

Why not enjoy a relaxing cup of tea!

"Tsuki no Shizuku" , Shunpo tea garden's autumn-only storehouse tea!!

As the name suggests, it is a recommended tea for moon viewing!