The best way to make plenty of cold brew tea in style!

Hot summer is here!

It's the season for cold water tea! !

Last time, I introduced [Recommended cold brew tea bag collection] , but when it gets hot, I want to drink cold brew tea with great momentum!

At the Goto family, we make barley tea and cold-brewed green tea , but since last year, we have started selling cold-brewed green tea at our store because it is fashionable and very convenient to make cold-brewed green tea using the "filter ink bottle" shown in the photo. bottom! !

*By the way, the picture is not the Goto family.
I asked you to take a picture. It would be nice if it felt like this... (laughs)
Click the picture above to see more information about "Filter Ink Kirk Bottle".

And this year, we have prepared a great set that includes this "filter ink bottle" and the popular cold brew green tea "Hamakaze"! !

"Filter ink bottle & Hamakaze 160g pack" Regular price is 3,730 yen (tax included), but the set price is 3,250 yen (tax included)! !

In addition, we have prepared a special set with genmaicha with green tea, which is refreshing and delicious in summer! !

This set of "200g pack of genmaicha with green tea and Kirk bottle" is a special price of 2,990 yen (tax included) instead of the regular price of 3,398 yen (tax included)! !

There are many customers who have been using filter-in bottles for a long time, but the Kirk bottle uses a material called Tritan, which can make a large amount of 1.200 ml, can be placed horizontally in the refrigerator, and does not break. "Kirk bottle" is also recommended! ! If you have a filter-in bottle, please get a Kirk bottle this year! ! (smile)

For more information, please visit the Filter Ink Kirk Set page!

By all means, please share photos of your home using the filter-in bottle on SNS! !

Please upload to SNS with #Shunhochaen! !

Let's spend a wonderful day with delicious tea in summer! !


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