Let's wait for delicious new tea! ! (Limited fresh tea catalog is now available on the website)

The cherry blossom buds are finally starting to bloom, and in another week or so, we will be able to feel the arrival of spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

When I hear the voice of the cherry blossoms, I can't wait for the new tea soon.

The current situation in Shizuoka's production area is progressing in a very good state, albeit behind schedule.

A long period of cold weather and rain causes the tea trees to grow slowly, slowly and steadily accumulating nutrients from the soil.

Growing up. In order to wait for the slow growth of the tea tree, we will hand over the fresh tea to everyone.

I will definitely be late.

However, we believe that we can deliver a delicious new tea with a firm taste that will surely please everyone.

All the staff are looking forward to it. So please everyone

Please look forward to it with us! !

Shunpo Tea Garden Staff