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Connect with “engawa culture” Culture Planned by representatives of three business establishments in the ward Issue: September 25, 2014
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(From left) Mr. Sakamoto, Mr. Goto, Mr. Shibata

The "Engawa Project", which aims to create a place where people can connect with each other like the "porch" in a Japanese house, was started by representatives of three businesses in the city. In the future, we will participate in various events to spread awareness and expand our activities.

“In the past, there was a culture of talking with neighbors on the porch, and grandmothers teaching their grandchildren wisdom and important things,” says Sakamoto of Sakamoto Photo Studio (Totsuka Town), who planned the project. Mr. Takamitsu. With the number of engawa itself decreasing and generations emerging who do not know what it is, he decided to preserve and hand down the "engawa culture".

Takanori Goto of Shunpo Chaen Co., Ltd. (Totsuka Town) and Yoko Shibata of Asahiyama Togei (Kamikashio Town) agreed with the project about half a year ago. On September 12th, the first activity was realized with the cooperation of Mr. Tomonobu Narita of Zenryoji (Yabe Town). On the day of the event, before the lecture at the temple began, Mr. Sakamoto explained the gist of the project, and roasted green tea provided by Shunpo Tea Garden Co., Ltd. was served to visitors in a tea set by Asahiyama Togei. Ms. Sakamoto says, "I'm sure there are many times when I don't talk to people I don't know who sit next to me at events. I hope it will be a conversation starter,” he said.

This project is based on the activity of "connecting towns with art (tentative name)". The aim is to create various opportunities through art and culture, such as places that facilitate communication and places that connect people with disabilities and those without.

In the future, we will first approach the organizers of events scheduled to be held in the city, and start by having the participants and visitors of the event "drink tea made from a teapot", and we will increase the number of people who support the idea. Say you want to Eventually, we plan to use the main hall and tea room of Zenryoji Temple, which we cooperated with in the first activity, as our bases.