Today is Saturday! !

On Saturdays at the Sakuras store, especially families with children, couples,

And I see a lot of people shopping with their friends.

Every time adults and children pass in front of Shunpo tea garden,

"It smells good" or "Wow, it smells like tea."

You will be greeted by the scent of hojicha.

When I heard that, I couldn't help but feel happy and from inside the shop

"Thank you. I'm roasting hojicha right now."

Also, when I am serving tea, I would like you to drink tea with your husband and wife,

The two of them said, "It's delicious tea. It's kind of a relief."

I am very happy! !

Two young women said at the store, "I want a tea canister!"

I said, I was looking for you.

When I served the tea, she said, "It's delicious. Tea is so delicious."

I was very pleased and said, "Let's buy it for my mother."

The flowers bloomed with the customers who came to the store, and the tea I served

I feel happy and happy when people say, "It's delicious! I'm looking forward to having tea here."

Every day, Shunfang Tea Garden prepares hot tea for you, so please stop by.