It's almost setsubun!

The New Year is over, and it's getting colder and colder every day, and I think it might snow.

When I serve it to customers who come to Shunpo Tea Garden, they say, "It's so warm, and the tea is delicious on such a cold day."

When serving such customers, we use a tea bowl called "Fuku Chawan".

The “Fuku Chawan” has a face drawn on the bottom after drinking. Because it is hand-painted one by one, it is a tea bowl that makes your face smile naturally, with a smile on your face, or a cloudy look. And there is a genmaicha that contains soybeans and black soybeans called “fukucha” that matches the bowl.

It is a lucky tea that has been drunk to pray for good health.

Also, setsubun on February 3th.

Setsubun is the day before the first day of spring, the last day of the coldest season.

And I hope that I can eat as many beans as the number of years and get through the year safely.

These days, such customs are becoming less and less common, but on Setsubun day, I would like you to drink “Fukucha” and eat beans to pray for the health and happiness of your family. think.