October 13th (Thursday) from 20:00 just before the founding festival! We will do an Instagram live! !

From 20:00 on Thursday, October 13, the day before the Founding Festival
Just before the founding festival! I will do an Instagram live as! !

The reservation period is until October 10th, and it's only a few days left! !
Thank you very much for all your reservations! !

The products are well prepared, but please make a reservation for limited items!
Over-the-counter sales will be sold in small quantities.

The contents of the Instagram live are the full picture of the “Kuromi Tsukinako Mochi Parfait” limited to the foundation festival,
We are planning to introduce the new menu of the shunpou cafe.

And I wish I could introduce the contents of the limited coupon for the founding festival! !

The limited items will be the following 3 points! !
"Kuromitsu Nako Mochi Parfait" will be a store limited item.
For the other two, we recommend that you make a reservation!
The store sales are going to be really a little bit.

Thank you very much.

◎Introduction of 3 recommended items for the Founding Festival

The first one is “Aged Kurade Mogami Sencha Special”!
We will sell Shizuoka Mogami Special Steamed Green Tea at a special price! !

The second one is “Chachamori Tamatebako”!
A set of popular No. 1 "Hitotoki" tea bags with string and popular sweets filled with plenty of tea!
This limited set is recommended for your home or as a gift.

The third is limited to over-the-counter sales, and it will be limited to 20 per day,
We will sell a limited parfait called "Kuromitsu Kinako Mochi Rich Matcha Parfait"! !

At the founding festival, besides the above products, popular products will be sold at a special price for the founding festival, and all teapots and pots will be discounted by 20%! , And we will also present a special coupon only for customers who purchase the founding festival products!

《Click here to make a reservation for the founding festival products》