2018 Kagoshima Purchase Diary 5

Kagoshima purchase ends tomorrow.
This year, it became warmer in March, and although it depends on the grower and the region, the growth was about 5 days earlier than usual.

Shizuoka is about to start, but I've seen over 1,000 tea leaves every day, so I'm ready to go to Shizuoka.

Every day, we calmly look at our new tea again and compare it with the new tea that is highly evaluated in the market. Thank you to the producers! Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy our carefully selected Kagoshima fresh tea this year! !

PS The video was shot around the producers on the Osumi Peninsula. The soil, varieties, and producers really make a difference, and I felt that Japanese tea is just like wine, terroir itself.

The difference is that freshness is the most important factor for quality, and it is a one-year competition.

I am grateful for the happiness of being involved in Japanese tea, which is constantly being updated, while having Japanese culture that can be transmitted to the world, and I will continue to devote myself to it!

Excuse me for the long message.