I will return to Totsuka, Yokohama with the 2012 limited fresh tea on my back! !

The tea leaves picked on the 5th day of fine weather are very good!

This year, tea picked on the 1st and
5th will be the center of our company.

The content of tea changes daily

It is made up of the trinity of the soil, the weather and the farmer's mindset .

My role is to always think about the customer's face and create a tea that makes them smile.

All the producers who have a relationship are very
obedient and humble people.

You can honestly tell us your evaluation of your tea , and we can also consult with you.

Quality-oriented, first of all, people who aim to make delicious and valuable tea

I really have to thank you for giving me this opportunity

And many customers are waiting with great expectations

It's the days when I feel my mission to live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.