To deliver the deliciousness of tea! !

In February, it started getting colder and snowing.

At times like this, I want to drink warm tea, and I think it will be delicious.

At Shunho Tea Garden, we use the method of "low-temperature storage" to keep our tea fresh and delicious so that our customers can enjoy delicious tea.

The proper storage temperature for tea is below 15°C. For that reason, in order to protect the temperature, Shunho Tea Garden displays tea in showcases (refrigerators) and stores it carefully throughout the year. The tea leaves are sleeping in the bag. For "low temperature storage", put 6g to 8g of tea leaves from the bag into a teapot and add hot water at around 80°C. I want it.

And we would like you to store the unsealed tea leaves at room temperature and drink them as soon as possible.

We are waiting for you with warm tea at Shunho Tea Garden, so please stop by.