It's a waste to throw away tea leaves!

The intense heat of summer has passed, and the depth of autumn is increasing day by day.

Autumn leaves can be seen on the trees,

At home, we often have a good time together while drinking delicious tea.

But when I finished drinking, I saw the tea leaves in the teapot,

Is there anything that can be used! !

Isn't it connected to ECO! !

I thought about it and started researching. It turns out that there are many ways to use tea leaves.

Because tea leaves still have the antibacterial and deodorizing effects of catechins,

If you put dried tea leaves in a shoe box or refrigerator, it will become a deodorant.

If you spread it on a tatami mat and clean it, it will also be a disinfectant.

A bathing agent that cleanses the skin when placed in a gauze bag and floated in the bath

Put lukewarm water and a cup of green tea in the washbasin to make a lotion full of vitamins.

In addition, tea leaves contain B-carotene, vitamin E, protein, and dietary fiber.

I also found out that if you powder it and mix it with food, you can ingest valuable nutrients.

I immediately put it in the shoe box.

It is very effective.

Why don't you take advantage of the versatile tea leaves without wasting them?

Isn't it fun to drink tea while thinking about such things?