The limited "Shining Lucky Bag" is sold out! !

Thank you for always using Shunpo Tea Garden.

As announced the other day, the limited edition "Kagayaki Fukubukuro" has been sold out due to pre-orders! !

Thank you very much for your reservation!

In addition, as we continue to receive inquiries, it is urgent,
We will be selling a limited number of "moment lucky bags" that collect our popular products! !
I would appreciate it if you could continue to consider it.
To be honest, I feel like I'm condemning myself because it's a bargain,
I'll do my best with the last service and gratitude at the end of the year! !
The limited editions “Kagayaki”, “Haku no Hana” and “Fukucha” are actually in very low quantities.
We recommend ordering early! !