We accept work experience!

We have been accepting work experience from local junior high schools for some time.

Just the other day, two first-year junior high school students came for an experience, but originally it was only an interview,

I thought that it would be more memorable to experience it because I came all the way, so I had you experience it.

I thought it was really good because both of them experienced it with their eyes shining.

After that, he wrote a job visit report, which expressed our company very well.

I'm giving it to you, so I'm going to put my name down and introduce it.

If everyone in our company, including myself, can put into practice 100% every day what is written in this report,

I think we will become a better company.

I always feel that even if I intended to tell you about my work experience,

On the contrary, I felt that it was a valuable place that was often noticed.