About “Haku no Hana” with limited tea pure gold leaf

There is news that the autumn leaves in Kyoto and Kamakura are beautiful, and just looking at the pictures on the internet makes me feel the beauty.

In the world of tea ceremony, November is a very auspicious time as it is the season for opening the furnace. It will also be the season when winter begins. I want to spend my days richly by enjoying clothes and meals according to the season.

Well, our garden is steadily preparing for winter!
At the store, we have distributed a catalog of "winter limited specialties", and you can now purchase it from the website!

This time, we would like to take a closer look at this winter limited edition tea, “Haku no Hana”!

The limited-edition tea “Haku no Hana” is a limited-edition tea made with pure gold leaf added to the popular green tea “Hitotoki” from Kikugawa, Kakegawa, Shizuoka, hoping that everyone will have a gorgeous year-end and New Year holidays.

A rich umami "moment" becomes a gorgeous seasonal tea at once!
It is a limited-edition tea that is very popular as a gift for the year-end and New Year holidays and for enjoying with the family during the New Year.

Next year is the year of the rabbit, but we also have special wrapping paper. Reservations are available until December 11th (Sun), so we recommend making your reservations early!
And the most advantageous "Fuku Tsutsumi" set also contains the limited tea "Haku no Hana". The limited “Fuku Tsutsumi” is a special price of 3,500 yen including tax, which is normally 4,493 yen.

This is also a limited quantity sale, so we recommend you to make an early reservation!

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Date: 20:00 on November 18th

We would like to introduce “Fukutsutsumi” and “Haku no Hana” this time! !

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Ladies and gentlemen, please take a look 😁