For autumn hay fever...

Autumn for art, autumn for sports, autumn for reading, autumn for appetite...

Autumn is a season where the food is delicious and easy to spend.

However, it is also the time when pollen such as ragweed and mugwort scatters.

There is still a lot of nature in Totsuka, and I think many people suffer from hay fever in autumn.

Have you heard of a tea called “Benifuuki” that has recently been secretly gaining popularity as a cure for hay fever?

A green tea powder rich in methylated catechins that may suppress allergies,

You can take the active ingredient whole.

Our "Benifuuki" is a powdered powder made from 100% Shizuoka tea leaves, so you can drink it every day without worry.

And as for the all-important effect...

In my case, when I drank it on the day when I had itchy eyes, itchy nose, and pollen symptoms,

The next day, I felt refreshed like a lie.

Thanks to the fact that I continue to take it every day, I do not need to rely on medicine at this time of year when I am absorbed in medicine.


For those who suffer from severe hay fever, this tea is a must-try.


べにふうき 花粉症 ぶたくさ