Parents and children are healthy and energetic! ! Announcement of holding a tea class

Stay healthy with your family! tea class

It was just before...

Sakuras Totsuka Limited Free Trial Session "Parent and child healthy and energetic!! Tea class" will be held! !
Date: November 21st (Sat), 28th (Sat)
Time: ①11:00-12:00 ②14:00-15:00 Location: In front of Yokohama Shinkin Bank ATM in Sakuras Totsuka

Contents: You will experience how to make delicious tea that can be easily done in about 10 minutes.
It's petty, but I'm going to give you a gift of sweets!

This is a highly recommended experience event for those who want to have a relaxing break and want to drink delicious tea in the coming season! !

"Participation is free!" Please feel free to drop by! !