cherry blossoms!

It's cherry blossom season

Speaking of flowers, it came to mean cherry blossoms.

About a thousand years have passed since the Heian period...

I think Japanese people especially like cherry blossoms.

In normal years, everyone would have enjoyed cherry blossom viewing lively.

Only this year, huge earthquakes, radioactivity, aftershocks, shortages of goods, rolling blackouts...

It's a difficult time, but if you think about the disaster victims, you can endure anything.

Even at times like this, the cherry blossom trees along the Kashio River are in full bloom!

And at Shunpo tea garden in Totsuka, Otomezakura, Ubazakura and Otokozakura

We are looking forward to your visit (laughs)

? Early morning cherry blossoms in full bloom Hitorijime ? Takahashi