Cherry Blossom Festival is being held! !

The cherry blossom festival is being held now♪

Seasonal tea "Hohoemi Sakura" and sweets "Chacha Daifuku"

It has been very well received.

Tea tasting experience

Would you like to compare it with your usual tea?

100g, you can drink delicious tea even at 300 yen.

Please take this opportunity to come to Shunpo Tea Garden

Would you like to find your “lifetime favorite” tea?

We are looking forward to your visit m (__) M.

The flyer data below links to the facebook page that just started.

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Takanori Goto

Can't wait for warm spring!
At Shunpo tea garden,
We hold the "Hohoemi Sakura Festival" with the desire to "help create good relationships with everyone through delicious tea and sweets."
Spring tea "Hohoemi Sakura" that can only be drunk now,
“Chacha Daifuku” is a sweet that goes well with such delicious tea.

We are also preparing events where you can experience tea drinking competitions, so please feel free to drop by! ! We'll be expecting you! ! " class="uiPhotoThumb largePhoto">