Benifuuki is loved!

In April, pollen peaks.

It's really hard on a warm windy day with good weather...

The number of customers who want Benifuuki has really increased.

The number of people who sneeze many times and have itchy eyes has increased.

Now, Benifuuki has become a hot topic in weekly magazines and newspapers. Please answer me.

We are giving Benifuuki to such customers for instructions and tasting.

Benifuuki is originally used for black tea, but by drinking it as green tea without fermenting it, you can take it without damaging the methylated catechin, which has an anti-allergic effect.

Since it is a powdered powder, put one packet in a large mug, add hot water (90 degrees or higher), stir well and drink.

By adding boiling water, methylated catechins are extracted, which enhances immunity and relieves symptoms.

A few days later, a customer who recommended it to me, saying, “I feel like it worked when I tried it,” came all the way to the store to buy it.

Now, more and more customers are coming back to buy Shunpo Chaen's Benifuuki again, and instead of only 15 bags per bag, we have prepared a 50-pack economical size, which has been well received.

More and more pollen will fly every day from now on.

If you would like to try it once, it is always available, so please let the staff know.

We'll be expecting you.


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