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Cancer death rate drastically reduced in ○○! ? Super healthy power trick (temporary)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 8:00-8:43 p.m.

Among municipalities with a population of 100,000 or more, the cancer mortality rate is the lowest in Japan.

There is a surprising town where medical expenses for the elderly are more than 20% lower than the national average.

That is Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Why are you in good health at such an old age?

Green tea was the key to that secret. Recently, local hospitals, universities,

Research conducted by national research institutes has revealed the health power of green tea that exceeds conventional wisdom one after another.

Moreover, the hint to make the most of that power was in the way of drinking tea in Kakegawa.

How to thoroughly utilize the health power of tea, learned from the village of longevity!

Elderly people in Kakegawa City enjoy the longest life expectancy in Japan!

A long life is what everyone wants. Moreover, instead of living with a serious illness, they live a long life "in good health." Kakegawa City embodies this ideal.

People in Kakegawa live long lives, but medical expenses are very low. In addition to cancer, there are few people who get sick anyway, such as stroke and heart disease.

It is said that if municipalities all over the country achieve the same health and longevity as Kakegawa, medical expenses for the elderly will be reduced by 3 trillion yen!

Take a closer look at the energetic elderly people of Kakegawa!

impact! Green tea power beyond imagination found in the latest research

In order to confirm the health power of green tea, national research institutes, universities and Kakegawa city are conducting more rigorous and large-scale experiments than ever before.

When 150 people were compared between those who drank tea powder and those who did not for 3 months, those who drank the tea lost fat around their stomachs and their bad cholesterol levels surprisingly decreased!

It has become clear that it has an extremely large effect on improving and preventing metabolic syndrome and arteriosclerosis, at the same level as drugs prescribed in hospitals.

In addition to these, health effects beyond imagination, such as anti-oxidant action and blood pressure control, have been reported one after another.

The method of incorporating green tea into daily life to aim for health is called the "Kakegawa model," and research is still ongoing.

Kakegawa-style green tea technique that maximizes the power of green tea!

Looking at the municipalities with the lowest cancer mortality rates, Kakegawa City is at the top of the list, followed by green tea production areas. Among them, what is the secret that Kakegawa is at the top?

When I examined the green tea that the people of Kakegawa drink, I found that it was darker and cloudier than regular green tea. In fact, most of Kakegawa's green tea is a type called "deep steamed tea". Kakegawa has a lot of sunshine hours, so the tea leaves are astringent.

Deep steamed tea is made by doubling the steaming time to soften the astringency. Because the tea leaves are steamed for a long time, the cells in the tea leaves are more destroyed than in regular tea, so even the nutrients in the tea leaves that normally would not dissolve out are contained in the tea, making it possible to drink.

Therefore, Gatten has developed a way to drink regular tea leaves that has the same nutritional benefits as deep-steamed tea!

We will introduce how to enhance the nutritional effect of green tea and enjoy it deliciously.

It's an opportunity to feel the wonders of tea, so please take a look! !

In addition, we also have Kakegawa tea carefully selected by us and sold directly from the production area.

Please use all means.

Kakegawa's finest raw raw tea : Shunpo Tea Garden's finest rough tea. The richness of the flavor plus the goodness of the aroma

Deep steamed tea straight from the farm.

Kakegawa fresh taikoban : Recommended for everyday drinking.

It is a recommended deep steamed tea with a strong taste of Kakegawa.

Kakegawa Benifuuki : This is the Benifuuki from Kakegawa farmers.

Benifuuki is an anti-allergic tea that is currently a hot topic, and is used to prevent hay fever, atopic dermatitis,

Ingredient "methylated catechin" that enhances human immunity such as cold prevention

It is a rich variety of tea.