We are now selling a new product, ``Green tea tea bags with organic matcha from Kagoshima.''

We are currently accepting reservations for the ``Kagoshima organic matcha green tea tea bag'' at the founding festival, but now that the product is ready, we have started selling it ahead of time.

This is not the founding festival price, so the regular price is 1,100 yen, but if you would like to try it before the founding festival, please give it a try.

Until now, we have prepared three types of tea bags for teapots and pots, one made in Shizuoka and one made in Yame, Fukuoka, but this tea bag made in Kagoshima is different from the previous tea bags, and is a strong tea bag with a bitter taste that is easy to feel. . Suitable for customers who like bitterness because it tastes more like tea!

You may also contact the store, but we use organically grown ingredients, so we recommend it to those looking for organic green tea.

Tea bags from Shizuoka, Kagoshima, and Fukuoka Yame are now available, so if you are a tea bag user, please enjoy the unique flavors of each region.

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We will be offering it at a special price during the founding festival from October 12th to 18th, so if you are interested, we recommend purchasing at the founding festival!

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