Adorable Hasami ware pots have arrived.

Hello everyone. It's getting cold today

It seems that there is a possibility that it will snow at the beginning of the week, but I would like to avoid snow...

When it's cold like this, why don't you try Hojicha Ole, which is only available in winter at Shumpou Café?

Hojicha au lait also has a set of matcha ice cream and anmitsu parfait, so please use it.

If you live far away, we have hojicha au lait powder for sale, so please take advantage of it.

Click here to order Hojicha Ole

When you stop by, please take a look at the teapot and pot corner.

A new pot of hasami ware and a pot that was sold out have arrived.

The one that arrived this time is a pot that can be used for tea or herbal tea with a removable stainless steel filter and a cute design.

It is also posted on the website , so if you are interested, please take a look.

We are waiting for you to visit us.