This year's new tea is likely to grow a little earlier

Cherry blossoms are blooming gorgeously all over the country. This year, cherry blossoms are expected to bloom about a week earlier than usual.
The early blooming of cherry blossoms means that the growth of new tea is also early.

Our tea is purchased every year after visiting the fields of the production area and assessing the growth condition of the tea leaves.

So the weather conditions will be very important.

The Picture is a picture of the tea plantation in kagoshima last year. “Kabuse tea”, which is produced by covering the tea like this, is one of the characteristics of Kagoshima tea.

From now on, while exchanging information with producers in Shizuoka, Kagoshima, and Yame, we will proceed while confirming when to go to the production area.

For limited new tea reservations, we will actually go to the production area and pack the new tea that we have tasted.

You can make a reservation from one bottle, and you can choose and enjoy this year's fresh tea from the three major production areas of Shizuoka, Kagoshima, and Yame.

Please make a reservation for limited fresh tea and enjoy the carefully selected fresh tea produced in our garden! !

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