"Shunpo Japanese Tea Q&A" has started! !

"Shunpo Japanese Tea Q&A" has started! !

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The question this time is...

Q: A beginner goes to a Japanese tea specialty store and doesn't know what to buy first.

A: Please try the stringed tea bag first.

It is a video called.

You can enjoy authentic Japanese tea even without a teapot or teapot with the "stringed tea bag" from a Japanese tea specialty store! !

The deep point is that it says "a stringed tea bag from a Japanese tea specialty store"! ! Because it is a specialty store, even tea bags are delicious! !

I would love for you to try it!

Also, in fact, heavy users of Japanese tea often drink this tea bag with strings when they want to drink a little tea at night.

And gradually...
Some people say, "This is convenient, so I ended up with this..." (ToT)

To be honest, this is a problem, but it is a stringed tea bag that is recognized by even advanced Japanese tea drinkers! !

It will be a bargain at the founding festival, so please try it at this opportunity! !

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