Delicious cold brew green tea is recommended for Father's Day gifts.

Father's Day is tomorrow, have you got your gift ready?

By when do I have to order so that I can make it on the day? We are also receiving inquiries, but if you are shipping in Kanto, you can order by 15:00 today.

If you take it home at the store, it's okay on the day

If you haven't decided yet, please take advantage of our garden.

For fathers who like alcohol, we recommend the cold-brewed green tea drinking set where you can enjoy green tea high with alcohol.

It's a tea pack, so it's easy to use, and it's one of the charms that fathers can prepare by themselves.

Hamakaze tea packs from Shizuoka and Yame no Shizuku from Fukuoka Yame can be drunk and compared, so you can enjoy two types of green tea high.

Enjoy a delicious cold green tea normally in the daytime.

When ordering, please select a decorative gift bag and write "Father's Day gift" in the remarks column.

Father's daily stickers and wrapping paper are available.

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