Introducing "Yutakamidori" from Chiran, Kagoshima!

I was very grateful when I introduced the "Ochamamire Sweets Set" on Sunday, but I received an order for a Father's Day gift!

This is the most popular gift for Father's Day at the store! ↓

A little while ago, I introduced the popular No. 1 special steamed tea "Hitotoki" included in this set in my blog.

So this time, I would like to introduce "Yutakamidori" from Chiran, Kagoshima!

[Yutaka Midori variety from Chiran, Kagoshima]
Special Deep Steamed Kabuse Green Tea "Yutakamidori" 80g Pack


Production area: Chiran, Kagoshima Varieties: Yutakamidori


The "Yutaka Midori" variety is a popular early maturing variety in the Chiran region of southern Kyushu, Kagoshima (Chiran, Ei, Kawabe). This tea is made using the kabuse method.
A delicious tea with a refreshing sweetness and the characteristic aroma of the Yutaka Midori variety.

The color of the tea is "kabusecha", so it's a beautiful green!

The tea leaves belong to the larger category in our garden.

"Hitotoki" has a stronger flavor, but it is popular for its refined sweetness and the unique aroma of the Yutakamidori variety!

I had an order for this set as a Father's Day gift today.
thank you very much!

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