Do you know what fresh tea is good for and what it's worth?

It seems that the purchase of fresh tea is finally starting! !

Every year, we visit the production areas, and while checking the weather conditions, daily temperature, and growth of tea leaf buds, we think deeply about when to pick tea leaves that will please our customers the most. I am thinking about where and what to do.

By the way, do you know what is good about new tea and what is its value?

Shincha is tea made from freshly picked tea leaves, such as Shinmai or Beaujolais Nouveau. In the case of Japanese tea, we pick 1st bancha (new tea), 2nd bancha, 3rd bancha, and autumn/winter bancha depending on the production area. It is a tea that can grow at once while enduring the cold of winter from November and slowly receiving nutrients from the soil in the field, and can be picked at once when it becomes warm in March and April.

New tea leaves are picked during this period (it varies from year to year, but in Kagoshima it is from the end of March to the end of April, and in Shizuoka from around April 20th to May 10th). We will store the tea for a year and sell it.

So, since only fresh tea is born from November for about 5 to 6 months with nutrients from the soil, the difference in theanine, which is the umami component of tea, is more than three times that of fresh tea (1st bancha) and 2nd bancha. Shincha is tea with soft leaves and strong umami flavor.

In the case of fruit, the most ripe state at the time of the season is the fresh tea in the case of tea! !

From among the most ripe new teas at the time of the season, we will carefully select the "new tea with strong umami" that our customers like and manufacture it as our original. , This new tea purchase will be a very important season that will determine the quality of tea this year!

We will prepare well and manufacture special new teas for limited new tea reservations and new teas that will please our customers for a year! !

Please look forward to fresh tea! !

《Limited fresh tea reservation is definitely recommended! ! 》
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