New tea season is coming soon! Top 3 popular spring teas! !

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom around Yokohama Totsuka, and it seems that many people enjoyed cherry blossom viewing on the weekend!
At our garden, Goto has started an event at the Aeon Honmoku store, and the store is lively at the cafe, and we have received many orders for limited fresh tea reservations on the web!

And the new tea season is finally approaching! !

Goto's Twitter has begun to connect with producers in each production area, and it seems that he will be able to deliver the latest information on the growth of new tea in each region!
Also, we are planning to hold a gift campaign on Twitter with people from each production area, so please follow us and check it out!
We will contact you when we know the details!

Goto's Twitter is here

Here are our current top 3 favorites! !

Popular No. 1 is immovable Popular No. 1 is special steamed green tea "moment" !
We are also happy to hear from our customers!

Popular No. 2
200g pack of "Taikoban"! !
This tea is absolutely popular with customers who want to enjoy a lot of strong tea!

Popular No. 3 is
It is "Yame no Kaori", which is rapidly gaining popularity recently! !
We recommend the fragrant aroma and the refined sweetness! Also, compared to the top two tea leaves, the tea leaves are larger, so those who prefer finer tea leaves will love it! !

These 3 items can also be delivered by mail! ! Mail-bin takes 3 to 5 days to deliver, but the shipping fee is 220 yen including tax. We hope that customers who want to feel free to try it can take advantage of the mail service!

And I would like to introduce another
"Freshly roasted hojicha brown "!

There is also a popular set of 3 popular teas on the web!

Bundled OK! Good deal! Bulk buying set including shipping!
popular! Shizuoka Deep Steamed Tea "Hitotoki" 100g
Kakegawa Deep Steamed Aracha “Taikoban” 200g
Roasted Hojicha "Kongari" 100g set


We are also accepting reservations for limited fresh tea! !

Pollen is terrible, but let's do our best without being discouraged! !

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