[Luxury sweets set covered with tea]

This gem is not sold in stores and is highly recommended by our staff☆

[ Covered with tea! Goes well with strong tea! 4 types of sweets set]

Did you know?

I want delicious sweets for delicious tea!

This is an irresistible set for tea lovers who are full of tea sweets that will make such a desire come true 🌝

I'm curious about what's inside...

The most popular is the chacha cookie, which is crunchy and delicious with tea leaves inside.

Chacha Duckwerds, which comes in a cute original package, has a chewy texture using rice flour on the outside and plenty of tea cream on the inside!

Chacha Baum is so filling that you will want to have it all to yourself, and it has an elegant taste that is not too sweet and has a slight bitterness of tea.

And the Japanese confectionery Chasen Monaka! Enjoy this with a cup of strongly brewed tea! While enjoying the cute shape of the tea whisk, the inside is filled with matcha bean paste.

All of them are recommended tea sweets set! It's a great set that includes shipping.

It's also perfect for gifts such as events and souvenirs in the future 🎁

Please find your favorite sweets 🌸

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