Try the deep-roasted stem roasted tea! !

A customer said, "Even with hojicha, there are roasted leaves and stems, right?
Which one is delicious? I received a question.

The answer is, "Please choose a delicious hojicha that you like!"

Whoa, that's not the answer!
It seems to be stuck ... (laughs)

Hojicha is produced using various tea leaves all over the country, and there are various differences such as roasting method, roasting degree, variety, and part of tea leaves.
I think there are as many types as there are tea shops that roast their own coffee.

Let's have a taste and find your own taste! !

By the way, our hojicha is a hojicha with the following contents.

・Production area: Higashiyama, Nissaka, Kakegawa, Shizuoka ・Parts: Carefully selected only fragrant stems ・Roasting method: Slowly and carefully deep roasted

What is the difference between the two types of kahori and kongari?

・Because Kahori roasts the top stem well, it has a good aroma and a refined sweetness.

・"Kongari" is roasted and manufactured, so it is characterized by its fragrant taste.

This hojicha would not have been born without the opportunity to secure this stem, maintain its quality, and process it to make it a hojicha that is unique to our garden.

We are able to continuously deliver delicious tea because we are connected with the production areas through good connections.

Roasting hojicha every day and savoring the delicious aroma fills me with gratitude for the production area.

Thank you very much to all of you in the production area! !

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