2016 event schedule (until May)

Thank you very much for always using Shunpo Tea Garden.

From last year, the Aeon Honmoku store has started selling special events for a limited time!

The head office in January ended on a favorable note (although it snowed on the last day...).

In order to convey the true taste of tea to as many people as possible in the future, please participate in events that you have been blessed with.

I am planning to do so. Thank you for your patronage and good luck.

This event is currently being decided.

Aeon Honmoku store February 9th (Tuesday) to 14th (Sunday), 2016 March 8th (Tuesday) to 14th (Monday), 2016

In April and May, we will be taking a break from the event as we will be traveling around the country to produce fresh tea.
You can also order from our website, so please try our carefully selected Japanese tea directly from the farm.

Thank you very much.